Monday, 17 December 2012


Dear bloggers,

               Hey my readers, well it has been a while since i've updated my blog. Misses it so much. There's a lot of things that happen in my life . There's the good and also the bad. But majority it's kinda good just kinda. Hmm. Holidays is about to end and Christmas is drawing near how exciting , I really can't wait for it. When the holidays is over, it is time to hit the book again not eventually hitting the book . lolz :P I would like to confess this holiday was definitely the bored most holiday, it does irritate me a lot. Just staying at home going no where and no jobs to work with. Its like a dungeon/prison in this house. All I do was sleeping, waking up, eat, watch tv, sometime online, eat, watch tv, sleep and repeating my routine everyday . ugh ! How awful it is. But when it comes to school I'll sure to be meeting my friends again, no more boring but I might miss all the stuff that I do at home. So I should really cherish all my time or moments from now on :) Christmas , Christmas, where shall I go ? Maybe I will be staying a home again and doing nothing to enjoy this fine christmas day. Hmmm. It is weird, each day I got a strange feelings and I don't even know why or what it is. It just keep on haunting me like it's about to say something to me or is it all my imagination ? Am I making this all up ? Or am I thinking too much about this ? My mind always came up with negative thoughts, can't even know why. How weird ?? '' I tend to get emotional and sensitive this lately and I really do hate that feelings. Ugh !!! I just need strength now , I need to stay calm and ready to understand my situation . I should accept everything that happens in my life :) Thanks for all , that's what I'm going to say. I just wish I can makes everything better and make things right. I appreciate everything that I have in my life now, I really do . I'm lucky enough now as people say. :) What I know now is that, I really miss everything about him. Where is he now ? What he's doing at this moment ? Do I really cross his mind once ? Hmm. I don't know. I just wanted him to know that I love him for eternity :') He once cross in my mind cause he never once off my mind , he's always there in my heart :') I just wish he know this :) I love you my dear Presly ~ Do keep in mind that I will never cheated on you, No matter how big we fight like we used to, I will never ever leave you I'll always stay with you :) Do remember this and you can surely mark my word for this :') 

#muchlove <3 I love him . MGBU :') For those who have read this I'm going to say thanks cause you're willing to read my wacky stories :) Love you all <3
PeaceNoWar :D

Officially ,

Jenny Jennifer