Friday, 30 December 2011

Holla ~

Afternoon Readers , how ar you? Pasti semua sihat2 kn . Nak buka skula dha , tak mo lar ~ ugh. 3 Januari , ary selasa mo blik skul ambil buku & daftar . Dtg awal2 lar supaya x crowded. Trus ary khamis start blajar dha, ready2 ~ Nah bulih jmpa kwn2, dn cyunk sia haha.. dn tguk muka cikgu =_= '' blablabla~ Form 4 dh next year mo fokus nda ble men2 dha.. Nda ble slalu on laptop dha kana mrah , kana swu blajar d uma.. sbb form 4 blg kakak sia susa bkan mcm form 1,2 & 3. Tpy lau ada free time maybe sia akan update blog.  Sia x cya pla mo 16 uda. Waaa sweet 16th haha ~ Mo New Year da, i hope i'll hv a good year on 2012. Arap anda pwn will hv a great 2012 ! Be happy for this moment.

K tht's all for today hv a nice day ~ bye peeps ..


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bored ~
BTW Morning bloggers ~
School Is about to start. Ugh~ Bye bye Holidays, i'm sure gonna miss you. Goin to meet the teachers once again, & ready to hit the book. Well i'm getting older as the day past :P huu~ But the great thing is I get to meet my friends once again. Yeah!! Miss them a lot. Must Study hard cuz next year pnya next year spm ahaha !! Hmm~  Boring sngt2 d uma ne, xda yg siok tpy siok jua la p keja dpt gaji eh hehe.. stakat lyan2 ja, mcm kacang tue haha.. skrg ada money da mo save2 n smpan d bank jan boros2.. hee~ Waa, next year adi sia form 1 da.. aits ada saingan da ne.. hhaha~ hmmm, mlas lar mo p skul lum puas g holiday ne.. Well what to do, what to do hehe.. (Topik skul ne)
okay mo bwt p'siapan tuk skul g.. but enjoy lu ~
Hope Next Year akn lebih baik !! 2012!!~
hehe well tht's all for now ~ 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hey Hey It's Christmas Morning , Merry Christmas To All My Friends. May God Bless You And Your Family. I Hope You all Will Have a Wonderful and A Joyful Christmas. Hohoho ~ Be nice. Oh yeah, And A Happy New Year !! 
 Merry Christmas to all my beloved. May we all be blessed in the Lord this special season.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Hey Hey Bloggers :D Good Morning, today is a beautiful day & it looks like it's going to rain i guess. Today well as usual doing nothing, do some chores then texting texting haha~ Tia sngka pndai pla sia bgy advice ne, pro sua ne. Byk nun yg mo mnta tlg wkaka!! Sia pla nty2 jdy stress ne, haizx! Bingung sua sia skrg, sna len cer , sna lgy len cer. Lma2 gila lar ne. Tpy Ujung2 ok2 jua lar. . hahaha!!
Ok , kelmarin syok sia tgk wizard of waverly place: the movie wkaka!! Byk kly sua sia tgk ne, tpy tia pndai boring2 XD
Bro & Sis Hug. Awww ~

Best best tgk movie ne, hehe~ Nty mo tgk Alvin & The Chipmunks:Chipwreck !! haha!

Grrrrrr ahahaha!!!

M'garut ja ne haha! Boring pla ne. I'm so missing my friend2 lar & of cuz my love too~ X lma g christmas & result pmr pwn kluar tkut ne huhu~ & then open school, so t'pksa bye2 holiday :( Well smntra ne enjoy dlu lar. hehe..

Well that's all bye2 my lovely peeps, this is all for now :) see ya later :P

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hey Hey Lovely People :) What A Day, Christmas Is getting near now. Weeeheee !! Can't wait !! 

Today Morning I Look Like This !! XP
Feeling So Fresh haha!! nun lar XD
Hmm, Yesterday I Sleep Late At Night Cuz b'koling ngan urg wa haha. Budu sanggup ne. Today awal bangun , but Still Sleepy. Want To Continue sleeping =='' bed i'm coming For You XD !! I Miss All My Friends. Where Are You? haha.. Next Year jmpa jua bha. Don't Forget Me !! & Totally Miss My FRiendeMIES haha!! Miss bullying him XP ! Yeah i ma evil gurl q:) hehe~

Well that's all for now. Tata My dearest Followers :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Not In Mood Today. I Miss Him So Much, Hope He'll be  Save There. I'll Always Pray For You :)

Today well as usual , the same nothing special. Need to update my blog more often. hehe~ Although this Holidays is boring but it's still worthed . No need to wake up early,  no school work , & no teachers will shout at you. haha! Well but i aLready buy preparation for school. ==''

Well Now I'm learning how to draw n paint. I like painting cuz it's fun. You should try it haha~ What to do, what to do. After drawing, it'll be playing guitar time, just me & my "gita". "Gita" is the the name that i call my guitar. lol XP

Today just took a picture with me neko.. hehe
 Evil neko, She just scratch me this morning.. huhu :( Thank you very much~

My neko look annoyed hahaa!! peace, peace !! She's hungry, btw her name is Maggie hehe~ Lurve her .

Peace ,Peace XD
I Look Like this, this Morning hehe~
Miss You So Much !! Peace >///<''

Well that's all for now , tata my lovely followers. Have A Nice Day !! ^0^

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Same Day So Bored :/ Nothing To Do , Miss Him So Much !! hee ~

It's a Brand New Day , But Still The Same. We have To Live With It Wisely. We Need To Move Forward Not Backward. Ahaha! Boring ne ~ saja mo post2 :P Have a Nice Day My Dear Followers :D

Monday, 12 December 2011

Boring Time ==''
Meow, Meow . . Kitty, Kitty. . HAHA !! XP

Now Feeding My Pet Cat, Maggie ~ :P

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Inspiration Quotes

Love Quotes


What A Day, Same Routine =='' . Christmas is near now, can't wait !! Shopping, Shopping, Shopping !!! Beli Makanan, Barang2 baru :P !! 

 Christmas , Christmas !!! 

Jingle Jingle !!

Merry Christmas !!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Today another same day for me, same routine. Nothing special today, just that i'm not feeling so well today. No mood cuz of my cough. Ugh~
It's Weird Why Am I Not In Mood Today , I Don't Think It's My Cough. It's Something Else But I Don't Know What. Weird ~ I Kept Thinking Bout My Past, Men This Is Not Cool.
One More Weird Thing, Tetiba ja sia t'pkir psal ex bf sia. Pnyala, adei ~ ganjil pla ne. Mcm mnala dy skrg ne ar ? Apa dy sihat2 aja ? Duii, t'pkir pla psal dulu2 ne.
Mengarut ne cer sia. Hmm, Now I Miss My BF Not My Ex BF ye. I Miss Him So Much. I Love Him Forever. Ceh, labih2 ne. .ahaha !!
Well, need to rest Now. Xda mood sia ne.. K la ch0w lu..

that's all for now, bye ! :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

My Life

Today I Woke Up At 6 a.m.
Then Went To Take a Shower & Eat2 Breakfast
Then Wait For My Mom To Come Home
While Waiting I Do Some House Work, Ugh ! So Tiring ~
When I Done The House Work Then I Play With My Cat Tuk Kasih Ilang Boring ~
Then Sia pikir2, Psal the past ntahla knpa . Tetiba Sia t'pkir psal time PMR, pnyala. Sia ingat lgy sia tia dpt fokus time pmr gara2 b'gduh dgn kwn sia . aduii ~ Arap2 dpt pass lar, uhu :) Tpy skrg Merdeka dha ahaha!! Keb0ringan ! Mm....
Sia windu sngt2 dgn kwn2 sia, huhu ~ Arap they'll hv a great Holiday :D

Aits, Idup sia tia aman lar, byk yg m0 d'pkir , lau 1 masalah sua slasai dtg lgy masalah yg baru .. duii ~ Full Of Problem In Life & We Can Run Away From It .

Bha okay, that's all for now, hee ~

What I Feel Today

What A Day, I'm So Bored Noting To Do On This Holiday. Cuaca sua la tida tentu, skjp pnaz skjp ujan. Haiz ! Boring Lagi Tue. Hari ni hari yg paling membosankan. Bagus lagi sia p layan kucing sia. Adui~ Facebook pwn nda da yg menarik. Ugh !!! Bagus Lagi Skula, I Miss My Friends. . huhu :/ Well That's all For Now . . Chow !

What I Feel Today

I might not be good with relationships, but I’m really good at giving people advice about theirs.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

What I Feel Today

Crazy, Crazy Today
I'm having fun with mah friends. .
I MissYou All :D

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What I Feel Today

Waiting Is Like Ages ,

Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Year
Everyday Full Of Waiting
We Just Have To Live With It
And Smile Along With It
It Might Be Difficult And Hard
Lonely And Sad
This Is Life
Waiting Is A Part Of Our Life

What I Feel Today

Day by Day, And It's Still The Same
Day Past By, The Same Routine
Repeating History is What The Worst
It's Like Repeating Our Day Again & Again

But We Can't Repeat Life
So Better Be Wise
The Time Seems To Move So Fast
Even I Stop And Pause For A Sec
Don't Know Why I Think Of The Past
Is It Because Of My Mistake ?
Try To Forget, Try To Move On
What A Boring Life
Repeating The Same Things
Changes Is What I Need