Sunday, 22 April 2012

Morning Bloggers,,

Tension, Tension, Tension !!!!!!!!!! Exam is near & im still stressing over something that have nothing to do with my STUDY !!!!! Ugh , This is insane !!! What am i suppose to do ?!! Depressing here !! Someone help !!!!! Im Overstressed right now !!!
(Yesterday Situation)
But now i do keep in mind that this is what life is about, full of problem & we cant escape from it. We have to face the problem it doesn't matter if its a big one or small one. I've learned that sometime we need to let go & set something free. We cant force them to stay cause it will only hurt you & it will not bring anything in the End. Thank of what we have before & appreciate what we have now. God will always be by your side, look for you & choose what's best for us. So cherish ever moment while you still can, believe me that you deserve so much more. Although you're hurt now but you will have a much better life maybe not tomorrow , or next week nor next month but one day you'll have a much better happiness that's awaits you now. Live your life while you still can , dont repeat the same mistake. We only live once, so live don't waste your life over something that only brings you down. Wake up, stand up & walk to the right path ! Make your parents proud & what's important is make yourself proud. So from now for who have the same situation as mine , do keep in mind that there's still someone or somebody out there that cares for you more than the people now who have hurts you. Everybody deserve to be loved & care. Keep your head up high & START YOUR DAY WITH A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE !! Show them that you're not weak !! You're strong enough to faced all kind of prob tht gets in your way ! 

"The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all." "The feeling when I'm with you is the exact reason why I never gave up on you when everyone else said to stop trying."  Now i understand what they're trying to say. That "everyone" is actually care about you & they don't want you to get hurt cause of something that doesnt bring anything in the end. Learned from every mistake & move on. 

Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello hello bloggers,

Bwu blik dri tuisyen ne,, ahaha.. gilaa penat da utak saia ne,, penuh addmaths wow !! Happy ne dpt jwb smua soalan hoho !! Today my pren bufday, nah tua da dea ahaha.. abiz my water coz siram2 ne hehehe. . I do have A great time at school & time tuisyen la pling the best !! ktawa2 smpai sakit pwut,, mgarut :P nah 2 minggu g nak exam da huuu ~ mo blajar bgus2 ne, lau tda no more online.. & sedia2 la say bye2 to phone & laptop ne.. i Will miss you ~ bha skrg addmaths mesti score !! no more men2 ne!! ready to hit the book now & burn the midnight !! lma2 jdy pandA la ne ahaha !! well nak bgy advice ne , jan blajar last minit grenti nda masuk utak ne ,, so blajar la awal2 jan la pla myesal nty hohoho !! yeah !! time jumaat dpt jln2 p kk wa !! jmpa my cuzzy tht i miss sooo much huahua !! party2 la d uma dy nty :P well dpt jua relax2 time tue,, okk tht's all la, nak study ne.. (nun) peace y'all !!!


Jenny :P

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hey my Readers ,

Mcm lma da x update ne. . wa bwu skrg mo update. . so busy2 w/ school. . A lot of unwanted things happen in my life. . huu ~ One of it is my lov life wa. . ary2 psal ne jax. . haizz,, Hmm,, well PART OF ME says to let you go, but my heart nvr lie. . Should I Juz give up ? Should I let go of everything ? Will I ever regret ? I've given out many chances, but wat i got ? I got nothing in the end. . I dont want to force u & I never will. . I'll let u choose. . I rather let you go then watching u suffer. . Although I really care for you. . I promise i'll nvr say goodbye but i cant keep tht promise as well. . What wish do ihv except to stay strong..
People always says trust is the key to a perfect relationship. 'PROMISE' is the main work, coz this word is not juz a word. It means a lot until it can change smeone personality. Dont ever make a promise tht u cant keep. Thanks for giving me chances to loved u :)

Wrote on 28 March on my small D journal :) late updte

Monday, 2 April 2012


Hey Readers,, 

lma da x update. . sjak akhir2 ne saia sedih ja but since today my birthday , sia x leh sedih2. . Tpy saia akn share2 a bit story here. . ada sedikit yg ingin saia luahkan . . 
Saia sbnarnya ingin smpaikn luahan hati saia kpd dea,, urnk yg saia sngt syg & suda saia anggp sbgai my soul mate. . dea lr laky2 yg prtama yg m'buat saia t'gila gila dgn dea,, byk2 ex saia , dea lr yg t'baik & yg saia cinta setulus hati,, maybe ne hnya stakat ayat2 ja tpy this truly come from my heart,, my feelings to u is real n it will nvr change,, Yg saia tkut slma ne ialah saia harus k'hlngn dea,, tpy saia rsa mgkin prkara tue tda lma akn b'laku jua. . & sia hrus bersedia mulai dri detik ini,, someone told me before,, jikalau anda benar2 sayang dgn seseorng tda sharusnya anda memiliknya, , ya benar,, tpy saia x rela.. saia x rela utk melepakn dea,, saia blm b'sedia krna perasaan saia t'hdp dea skrg smkin kuat, saia suda t'lanjur m'yayanginya & mencintainya. . I need you nw, i dnt want to say goodbye,, tpy firasat saia katakn yg kw tda lgy m'berikn saia peluang & harapan,, dgn gya kw t'hdp saia skrg maybe bgtue lr. . dea tda m'gucapkn slmt ary ulng taun pda saia,, & ne mmg sngt m'yakitkn.. tpy saia hrus tabah,, saia tpksa utk b'fkrn positif.. Mgkin ne lr petunjuknya,, bhwa saia hrus m'lepasknnya biarpn ia akn m'ningglkn kesan2 yg pedih,, mmg sukar utk saia m'lupkn moment kta,, smuanya t'lalu b'harga bwt saia.. Kata2 orng & janji2 zmn skrg tda lgy blh d'pakai,, kerna biarpn b'tapa manisnya ayat2 mereka sblm ne pda kta tpy pda akhirnya ia cma janji2 kosong shja,, saia tda akn b'fkrn smua ayat dea hnya omong kosong,, he's like my life,, he's the one who cn light up my world when im down.. msti kputusn yg dea bwt adalh bwt k'baikn saia & jua k'baikn hubngn me & dea. . so saia phm,,, i do understand.. but one thing for sure,, i love you forever & i will always remember what u told me,, please dnt ever change,, I really do love you ~ Having u is enough to make me happy & im glad tht ive been given chances to be with you.. im bless.. thank you for everything,, i'll cherish our every moment,, i'll definitely miss you bcuz a guy like u is hard to find & u're one in a million