Sunday, 22 April 2012

Morning Bloggers,,

Tension, Tension, Tension !!!!!!!!!! Exam is near & im still stressing over something that have nothing to do with my STUDY !!!!! Ugh , This is insane !!! What am i suppose to do ?!! Depressing here !! Someone help !!!!! Im Overstressed right now !!!
(Yesterday Situation)
But now i do keep in mind that this is what life is about, full of problem & we cant escape from it. We have to face the problem it doesn't matter if its a big one or small one. I've learned that sometime we need to let go & set something free. We cant force them to stay cause it will only hurt you & it will not bring anything in the End. Thank of what we have before & appreciate what we have now. God will always be by your side, look for you & choose what's best for us. So cherish ever moment while you still can, believe me that you deserve so much more. Although you're hurt now but you will have a much better life maybe not tomorrow , or next week nor next month but one day you'll have a much better happiness that's awaits you now. Live your life while you still can , dont repeat the same mistake. We only live once, so live don't waste your life over something that only brings you down. Wake up, stand up & walk to the right path ! Make your parents proud & what's important is make yourself proud. So from now for who have the same situation as mine , do keep in mind that there's still someone or somebody out there that cares for you more than the people now who have hurts you. Everybody deserve to be loved & care. Keep your head up high & START YOUR DAY WITH A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE !! Show them that you're not weak !! You're strong enough to faced all kind of prob tht gets in your way ! 

"The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all." "The feeling when I'm with you is the exact reason why I never gave up on you when everyone else said to stop trying."  Now i understand what they're trying to say. That "everyone" is actually care about you & they don't want you to get hurt cause of something that doesnt bring anything in the end. Learned from every mistake & move on. 

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