Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Life

Morning blogger,

It's been so long i didn't update ma blog. Been buzy lately with ma study & exam =,='' But now FREEDOM !! Yayy !! Btw I got A New LIFE now ! I do love my new life, evrything changes even me, myself.. Weird~ Well, every people need changes once in for all. Im not juz starting a new life, but also new love life. I've started it all over again. But still, i will definitely cherish my past memory deep inside my heart :) Sometimes, my past memory will haunt me n it's a heartbreak to think of that. No matter how bad it is, I will still think of it as my biggest mistake that i have ever made. I miss that moment .. UGH !! take over by it again !! NO WAY ~ xp  kk GTG, i think tis is for now.. TC :)

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