Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hey my Readers ,

Mcm lma da x update ne. . wa bwu skrg mo update. . so busy2 w/ school. . A lot of unwanted things happen in my life. . huu ~ One of it is my lov life wa. . ary2 psal ne jax. . haizz,, Hmm,, well PART OF ME says to let you go, but my heart nvr lie. . Should I Juz give up ? Should I let go of everything ? Will I ever regret ? I've given out many chances, but wat i got ? I got nothing in the end. . I dont want to force u & I never will. . I'll let u choose. . I rather let you go then watching u suffer. . Although I really care for you. . I promise i'll nvr say goodbye but i cant keep tht promise as well. . What wish do ihv except to stay strong..
People always says trust is the key to a perfect relationship. 'PROMISE' is the main work, coz this word is not juz a word. It means a lot until it can change smeone personality. Dont ever make a promise tht u cant keep. Thanks for giving me chances to loved u :)

Wrote on 28 March on my small D journal :) late updte

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