Saturday, 10 December 2011


Today another same day for me, same routine. Nothing special today, just that i'm not feeling so well today. No mood cuz of my cough. Ugh~
It's Weird Why Am I Not In Mood Today , I Don't Think It's My Cough. It's Something Else But I Don't Know What. Weird ~ I Kept Thinking Bout My Past, Men This Is Not Cool.
One More Weird Thing, Tetiba ja sia t'pkir psal ex bf sia. Pnyala, adei ~ ganjil pla ne. Mcm mnala dy skrg ne ar ? Apa dy sihat2 aja ? Duii, t'pkir pla psal dulu2 ne.
Mengarut ne cer sia. Hmm, Now I Miss My BF Not My Ex BF ye. I Miss Him So Much. I Love Him Forever. Ceh, labih2 ne. .ahaha !!
Well, need to rest Now. Xda mood sia ne.. K la ch0w lu..

that's all for now, bye ! :)

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