Friday, 9 December 2011

My Life

Today I Woke Up At 6 a.m.
Then Went To Take a Shower & Eat2 Breakfast
Then Wait For My Mom To Come Home
While Waiting I Do Some House Work, Ugh ! So Tiring ~
When I Done The House Work Then I Play With My Cat Tuk Kasih Ilang Boring ~
Then Sia pikir2, Psal the past ntahla knpa . Tetiba Sia t'pkir psal time PMR, pnyala. Sia ingat lgy sia tia dpt fokus time pmr gara2 b'gduh dgn kwn sia . aduii ~ Arap2 dpt pass lar, uhu :) Tpy skrg Merdeka dha ahaha!! Keb0ringan ! Mm....
Sia windu sngt2 dgn kwn2 sia, huhu ~ Arap they'll hv a great Holiday :D

Aits, Idup sia tia aman lar, byk yg m0 d'pkir , lau 1 masalah sua slasai dtg lgy masalah yg baru .. duii ~ Full Of Problem In Life & We Can Run Away From It .

Bha okay, that's all for now, hee ~

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