Thursday, 15 December 2011

Not In Mood Today. I Miss Him So Much, Hope He'll be  Save There. I'll Always Pray For You :)

Today well as usual , the same nothing special. Need to update my blog more often. hehe~ Although this Holidays is boring but it's still worthed . No need to wake up early,  no school work , & no teachers will shout at you. haha! Well but i aLready buy preparation for school. ==''

Well Now I'm learning how to draw n paint. I like painting cuz it's fun. You should try it haha~ What to do, what to do. After drawing, it'll be playing guitar time, just me & my "gita". "Gita" is the the name that i call my guitar. lol XP

Today just took a picture with me neko.. hehe
 Evil neko, She just scratch me this morning.. huhu :( Thank you very much~

My neko look annoyed hahaa!! peace, peace !! She's hungry, btw her name is Maggie hehe~ Lurve her .

Peace ,Peace XD
I Look Like this, this Morning hehe~
Miss You So Much !! Peace >///<''

Well that's all for now , tata my lovely followers. Have A Nice Day !! ^0^

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