Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sad Pass Memory ~

Evening All Bloggies,

Burinkx lar, cuaca pnas g,, Tdy p jln2 mkn angin,, best gilerrr dpt mkn ais cream lgy!!! tpy malangnya kaki saia t'kna serpihan kca. . sakit sua kaki saia skrg huhu~ D'ktwa lgy olh kazen. .  tukar topikkkk ~ Hmmmm,,, Tyme2 ne lar apa2 pwn jdy,, Yg pelik tetiba ja sad2 memory pass by. . Lgy2 sia bca my journal, so sadddd, , saia pkir mo buang/bakar but too many memory pla sia w/ the book,, Me share2 lu w/ readers,, although it's kinda chessy but do respect it,,//

Can't stop thinkin' bout you
I'm takin the first step & I fail to keep you outta my mind
I tryna be strong but i'm falling again
I realize this is what they call love
I remember the first time we meet
We're having a good time but in the end, heartbroken
I can't even hear my heart beating
If i have to choose i rather let you go then watching you suffer
You broke all your promises & not knowin' it
I regret knowing you
The broken pieces in my heart can't be fix again
I wish I could turn back the time where we meet & undo it
But one thing for sure
I would sacrifice anything just to make you happy
Coz the smile of yours is enough to light up my world ~

Originally made by :                                                 
2011 memo


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