Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hey bloggers,

3rd day of chinese new year. Just staying at home eat2 haha~ Just now i was tidying my room then i found my small book where i wrote what i feel in it. Happy nor sad moment. It remind me so much, there's pain, heartbroken, betray n so on. Never thought i could find that book again. Full of sad memory. Well now i'm goin' to share one of my story in my book w/ you all. It's a bit complicated n chessy but it's originally made by me . 

Watchin' you with someone else, It's like my heart is being stabbed.
You Never notice it.
 I'm laughing at you , I congrats you
But still , I'm hurt
The pain can't be heal, So you better go
Every time I kept a distance from you
You'll always find a way to get me and make things better/right
It's confusing
I don't now if i'm ready to lose you
You done a lot of nice thing to me and I won't forget it
I should really stay strong

This is one of my feelings that i wrote in my small book aka my daily life journal. Please do respect . I'll share more but this for now. Peace ~


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