Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hey Hey Bloggers , pa khabar ? baek2 je kn semua. . hee ~ Akhirnya dpt jua saia update blog ne. . Well busy w/ hmwrk kn. . gilerr b'tmbun eh ! Ok now saia akn share my story lgy haha. . Me wanna write smething tht i wrote on my little book aka my diary . . & this is made originally by ME ~

It doesn't hurt at all not even a bit.
I've crossed out all the words.
And you can pick up all the pieces that you left behind
You don't even spin around in my head, it's like you never existed
It feels so good to finally be free
It felt so great w/out you in my life
There's no time to regret, no more looking back
Every step i take is getting better
W/out your friends by your side, you start to show your weakness
You better wise up cause you still got a lot to learn .

Do respect it . This is the real me, my inner self . . peace ~

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