Sunday, 5 February 2012

Selamat Petang semua , ary ne saia sngt2 burink lar ~ Pelikk ne rmai kwn2 saia dgr lagu2 jiwang smpai2 saia pwn t'ikut2 :p best pula kn, kunu lar . . ok now mo share2 stury g ngn teman2 sia d blog ne hehe. . This is made originally bye ME ~

My hearts hurts, I feel lonely now, alone, heartbroken but there's no one here for me not even him~ I wonder if we ever meant to be together. I do love him i really do, I never ever wanted to let him go or fall to someone's hand. I get jealous really easily. I shouldn't be controlling him. I needed him. Finally i realize that i really loves him, he's my world ~ He is everything to me. I just have to stay strong. 
Jiwang abiz eh haha. . ewwww~  well do respect it cuz this kinda thing comes naturally . It's normal wa haha. Sia saja je mo tulis tue coz burink ~ hehe peace :D

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