Sunday, 10 June 2012

Holiday is overrrr :( SadMuch !

Heyyo Blogwalker,

Its been awhile isn't it. What a day, been raining all day long & still haven't stop. Its a very cooled cooled weather and a weather that's good enough to sleep XP. Well holiday is over now. Tomorrow go back to school as usual & its time to hit the book. Owh how I wish the holiday to be longerrrr. Its much better that way. But still need to study though, well now im goin to study wit all my might. No more online or watsoever . Say goodbye to unwanted things & especially to My sweet holidays :'( Book Im coming for u !! Just wait !! I wish I would have a better life at school, been through a lot of prob there. But Im strong enough to handle that. :P Well, if holiday is over then it means my dear is goin back to Likas at k.k .  Hostel, so he's goin to live there. He will be back on next back. Sooo longggg. Miss him already :'( Dear dont ever forget bout me k. I will always love u . I will always pray for u, be good k :) Blajar bgus2 dcna,, jn pla jajal2,, Im goin to be here always waiting for u :) I love u dear, do keep that in mind. :) 


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