Friday, 13 July 2012


Nite Bloggersss :)

Been soo long didnt update my blog, how ar u my readers ? Im great btw,. :) Soo much drama happen in my school, the story is kinda complicated. There's of course misunderstanding, fights, betrayer & backstabber. I've been in one of the situation or should I say I've been in all the situation. I manage to help my friends to solve their probs & Im so happy for that. Well PRS must help each others. But what's weird is I cant even solve my own probs, many helps but it's still not enough. But all my probs can be solve cause my dear was there for me, he support me in anythings . He's soo sweet. Thank u my dear. I will always love u & u'll always be in my heart though ur not here by my side.  Hope u're okay there. Take good care of your health my dear :D Now I have no more probs but soon i'll still face one =,='' I better be ready wit the next one . huu~
Skrg ada msala jua ne, msalanya is saia winduu cngt sma chentaa saia. Uda minggu2 nda jwunpa ma dya. huu i missx ue my dear , my manjaaa, my cayanggg, my future husband ^0^ dunt 4get me k, Aits, winduu daa mo tinguk muka dya yg cumil tue, windu sngt ma pelukkn dya. . huuu ~ Dear cptla blikkk ~ I miss ue soo damn much >~< !! I lovee ur sooooo muchh ! Muahhxxx ! hee :P m'garut, ttba ja kc luahkn rinduu saia d blog hehe :) well who cares, blog aq jua kn . Do respect . .

Peace ~ 

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